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may bank holiday weekends madness –


To say that people are mad to get away in May is a slight understatement !! Easter was so horrible that the making the most of the next two Bank Holidays Weekends seems to be top priority in most peoples minds – even if I have to be honest in my own. So to deal with the inevitable rush of calls, enquiries, texts and mails, I have put together a selection of ideas below on how you might like to get more for these special weekends…

Seaside Bank Holiday Weekend Breaks

Brighton – 4* Two nts with Dinner – £94.50 pp

Bournemouth -4* Norfolk Royale – SAVE £20 per room – £67.50 pp 

Blackpool – 4* Two nts with Dinner – £129.50 pp

Falmouth – 4* Royal Duchy – SAVE 10% 

Lytham St Annes – 3* Clifton Park £37.50 – SAVE 10%

Torquay- 4* Two nts with Dinner – £119.50 pp

City Weekend Breaks

Birmingham – 4* Malmaison – 2-4th May – £53 

Glasgow- 4* Two nts with Dinner – £119.50 pp 

Newcastle – 4* Greystreet Hotel – only £34.50


5* Kensington – The Bentley Kempinski – £109 – SAVE 45%

4* Marble Arch – The Cumberland – £69.50 – SAVE up to 31%

4* Lancaster Gate – Royal Lancaster – £67.50 – SAVE 20+ %

4* Mayfair – Flemings Hotel – SAVE 25% 2nd – 5th May 

Nottingham – 4* Park Plaza – £35 ( save 44%) – Fri/Sat

Post me back a reply to let me know what you Bank Holidays Weekend plans are and where you think is the best place to make the most of the May long weekends….













country house hotel weekend for Mrs Bouquet


My worst nightmare today – Mrs Bouquet called. Hi Margaret how are you? Came the measured tones down the phone, the heavily Yorkshire accent trying to be posh was just not what I wanted to hear. I am looking for some advice on my next weekends break.My heart sank yet further…

I really desperately need to get away for a well earned rest – life has been so hectic recently and “he” really needs a break he is working sooooh hard. Well that I very much doubt I thought knowing very well the individual concerned and his ability to skive off the simplest task – the only thing “he” would be working hard would be his tonsils and as for her well yes “doing lunch daaarling” every day it must get exhausting, a nice problem to have!!

OK ,says I, aiming to sound enthusiastic and (I suspect) failing miserably… what did you have in mind.Weell (pause for effect) A nice country house hotel- not too far to travel, must have a suite or special room upgrade, excellent leisure facilities – spa etc and a very good restaurant – ideally with rosettes.

Right says I – let me see what fits the bill…The De Vere Oulton Hall – would be sure to hit the right note, the only 5 star hotel in Yorkshire – sure to appeal -but Leeds a bit to close to home. The De Vere Slaley Hall – about the right distance, nice part of the world and excellent leisure, not sure about the food – maybe. Seaham Hall perhaps the best spa in the North East but again maybe not far enough away….In the end I offered a choice of 6 country house hotels that fit the bill, all within a couple of hours travel time, all with great leisure and most with rossetted restaurants.

Mrs Bouquet was pleased but didn’t book one, I’m having lunch with “my friend ***” tomorrow I’ll see if she has stayed at any of them. Ah ha thinks I, the reason for the call – Mrs Bouquet had no intention whatsoever of ever booking a break, all she  wanted was a list of the best hotel names to drop into conversation with her arch rival **** about where they may be planning to spend their weekends over the next few months.
Keeping up with appearances or in this case with the Joneses really still is “the thing to do” in certain circles and i was just so pleased to have contributed in such a small way…

If you have a Mrs Bouquet friend I’d love to hear about the lengths she goes to impress about her weekends plans – blog me back….

cottage weekend for couple + elderly disabled parents


My best and closest friend called today. After all the pleasantries were exchanged she got to the point – can you sort me out with a cottage for one of the May Bank Holiday weekends?

Delighted to help I asked what she needed. Well it won’t be easy she said…I need something which is suitable for the two of us plus mum and dad. They really aren’t great now and we would like them to have a break so we can look after them – but we really need somewhere quite specific.It needs to be no further than 1/2 hour away from where they live, with all the rooms etc on one floor and no steps nooks or crannies. Ideally we need two bathrooms and one with walk in shower.Mum’s sight is also really bad now so any facilities supporting the partially sighted would also help although I expect I am asking the impossible.

No problem says I leave it with me – I actually have a deal with 5% off cottages at the moment so if we can find something suitable you can get even get a deal as well – perfect she says even better. For the first time for a while I warmed to the challenge, my best friends mum and dad were a great couple and finding something suitable for them would be a joy – rather a change from so many of the other thankless tasks I am so often charged with.My difficulty in finding just the right place however was a worry, the amount of cottages fitting this particular bill was very limited.

Cottages with only two bedrooms on one storey yet purpose built for disabled was OK, but add to that the distance from their home restriction and the timing of a Bank Holiday weekend and I knew that the choice would be limited.I have narrowed the search down to two super cottages in the Northumberland area, both of which are miraculously available over the first May Bank Holiday weekend.

My friends parents are choosing their preference even as we speak and are thrilled with the prospect of a weekends break. If you have experience of travelling with elderly and infirm relatives let me know how you got on and any tips you can share on the pitfalls – I know my friend would really appreciate some advice before they go.

weekend in edinburgh for pregnant couple …


My very pregnant niece…

Hi  “Aunty Margaret” – oh I so hate that when she is 32 ! Can you help us with a weekends break in Edinburgh. Came the cheery enquiry across the mobile cyberspace.“He” wants us to spend a weekend relaxing before the baby is born. We had fancied some sun but I am too far gone to fly – nobody will take us.
So you chose Edinburgh in April as the most logical second choice – mmmm says I. Do you know just how cold Edinburgh gets. Indeed I can honestly say I have never spent a weekend in Edinburgh when it has been warm even in August – Princes St acts like a wind funnel 365 days of the year!

Nevertheless warming to the task I posed the question, which weekend do you want to go, what is the budget, what are key requirements – you know the sort of thing. Well we need car parking, ideally near the centre, good deal – that’s about it!

Now at this point I think about my niece’s husband – always demanding, always wants the best and guaranteed to complain, but a Yorkshireman through and through and who has got to get good value for money. He is the sort who gets a deal and then asks for a further 50% off the best price. Tricky thinks I …
I considered the options, where I could pull strings through contacts at the hotels to get deals at weekends – room upgrades and VIP treatment. I also thought “indoor pool, beauty and leisure would be good, considering my nieces’ ever growing frame and the need to chillax in between seeing the sites – Edinburgh castle . The Zoo, The Royal Mile etc.

My suggestions ranged from The Bruntsfield Hotel – a little known gem but Best Western Hotel of the year (several years running) in its quiet leafy location on Bruntsfield terrace with parking yet close to the centre to the rather grander 5* Scotsman on North Bridge – sure to appeal to both and really not a bad price at this time of the year (especially at weekends) at £100 a night – a true test of how much of a treat “he” really wanted to give.

Well The Scotsman was tempting, The Bruntsfield ruled out because of distance from the centre and the Radisson SAS on the Royal Mile ruled out too– just because!!. In the end advice came to nought and it was all about the “best weekends deal” available which came down to the Apex International – a good hotel too, just sometimes a little noisy due to its location in the Grassmarket – but noisy nights are something they are going to have to get used to very soon – so why not sooner than later…..

Have you got some interesting experiences of travelling whilst heavily pregnant or tips on the top 10 must have’s when choosing an ideal place to stay in this condition ? Then blog back I’d love to hear your thoughts…

wild weekends in nottingham for singles…


Jack the Lad

This week saw the challenge of sorting out a weekends fun for my Jack the Lad mate – who is newly, not so YOUNG (albeit in denial of the fact) FREE and SINGLE and wanting to re sow his wild oats . I will call him Jack to spare his blushes, but we all know who he is!

I quote” Just want to get away from York a break, weekends there are so boring and parochial just a village really.  I want to have a really wild time, where nobody knows me   – what can you do for me” ……
“I am looking for a top weekend, somewhere to go with lots of nightlife, bars, clubs etc a great ratio of men to women (in men’s favour – of course). Not too far to travel. Where you can get a really good deal at weekends on good city centre hotels to stagger back to ….”

OK no problem says I – a centrally located Travelodge in either – Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester or Nottingham seems to fit the bill. Well Nottingham (infamous for its stag and hen crowds and student population) definitely fitted the bill and off went Jack last weekend up the hill to Nottingham to stay at the Travelodge on the rather in -appropriately named “Maid Marion Way”. He has yet to be seen again so an update on the weekend is waited with baited breath. Watch this space…… 

If you know of the perfect place to recommend to “Jack” for his next wild weekened away – do blog back, it would be great to have his next break already in the bag before he gets in touch ! I somehow guess this won’t be the last time he goes…

Welcome to More Weekends


Welcome to the More Weekends blog. In this blog you’ll get the inside track on all the best Places to Stay and things to see and do – each and every weekend of the year. With loads of great special offers and news on new Events, Concerts, Theatre and Shows. Share your own experiences of what makes for great weekends for you and help even more people get more from their own weekends through your own experiences.