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Luxury Black Tie London Weekend goes down a storm



“We had a super weekend in London, enjoyed by all. We had a very relaxing journey to Kings X but the return train was very busy and not so comfortable – older rolling stock.
The hotel – the Cavendish – Jermyn St, was excellent – we would thoroughly recommend it for style, service and location.
Friday evening we had a superb dinner in the Fountain Restaurant at Fortnum and Masons directly across the Jermyn Street from the hotel. The multi choice menu offered similar dishes to that of the hotel at £25.00 including a half bottle of wine per person. Again, it has our recommendation.
The ‘Gentleman’s Outfitters in Jermyn St all had deep cut sales so were well patronised by the group.
Billy Elliot was very good although the seats were iffy. Because we were in the front row of the gods there was a substantial brass rail in front of us all. Nonetheless it was an enjoyable experience, and the theatre was close enough to walk from the Cavendish.
Then the RITZ, what can one say. A very expensive evening but not to be missed. Service, food and style is truly 5*. We will have it on our itinerary for every group visit to London.
All in all a great weekend. Thanks for all your help Mote Weekends. Will speak to you about our next trip soon. Alistair

hotel room needed for bit on the side


My serial womaniser friend called me on a mission. You know how it is he said, I have to find a place to go with my latest conquest away from prying eyes. Why do you always go for the married ones I asked?  Safer he said no need for commitment.

I really do not want to know I said you are impossible! I presume I probably know her poor husband so I will just sort out a room and turn a blind eye, the less I know the better.

How much do we need to impress is this a first time push the boat out job or a cheap and cheerful no need to impress any more thing? The former he said I need a suite , champagne etc, you know the deal. How about Rudding Park Hotel, HarrogateThe De Vere Oulton Hall just outside Leeds or Wood Hall Hotel & Spa at Wetherby.

no frills budget London hotel break for posh pal


My posh and well connected mate Rupert rang, I need a really nice hotel on the weekend of the 21st June, we have been invited to Sir Richard’s party at an exclusive venue in Kensington and “not going” is not an option. Ah well says I then in that case money will be no object. The 5* Royal Garden is on High St Kensington, within crawling distance of the venue and very nice, I warmed to the task I will get you a park view and you can look down on The Royal’s – not for the first time I am sure I teased gently!  I also have a great deal on first class rail so you can travel in style too or are you taking the Bentley .Well my budget is around £120 tops he says plus cheap rail tickets if you can get them. OK says I .. understandably now a lot less enthused, then how about The Copthorne Tara or Kensington Close a bit further to crawl and not as glam but ideal for the purpose and I will do the special National Express East Coast restricted ticket deal for £46 each. Perfect he said lets go for it. Do you have go to these type of glam events and if so do you push the boat out or like Rupert save the pennies…do let me know and reply back.

black tie luxury london weekend for rotary club


My former colleague and dear friend contacted me from Fife. The Rotary Club fancies a weekend knees up in London, sometime in the Autumn. We did it a few years ago and it was a great success. Can you recommend something? We want first class rail travel, coach transfers between hotel, station etc, a top london theatre show matinee performance and a black tie dinner dance at the Ritz on the Saturday night.

Well within a couple of  hours I had the whole thing sorted and a great deal for him at  under £300 per person. So watch out London you are due to be invaded by the Scots in autumn who are going to paint the town red…Reply back if you have advice on what else they should do to make the most of their weekend south of the border.


country house hotel weekend for Mrs Bouquet


My worst nightmare today – Mrs Bouquet called. Hi Margaret how are you? Came the measured tones down the phone, the heavily Yorkshire accent trying to be posh was just not what I wanted to hear. I am looking for some advice on my next weekends break.My heart sank yet further…

I really desperately need to get away for a well earned rest – life has been so hectic recently and “he” really needs a break he is working sooooh hard. Well that I very much doubt I thought knowing very well the individual concerned and his ability to skive off the simplest task – the only thing “he” would be working hard would be his tonsils and as for her well yes “doing lunch daaarling” every day it must get exhausting, a nice problem to have!!

OK ,says I, aiming to sound enthusiastic and (I suspect) failing miserably… what did you have in mind.Weell (pause for effect) A nice country house hotel- not too far to travel, must have a suite or special room upgrade, excellent leisure facilities – spa etc and a very good restaurant – ideally with rosettes.

Right says I – let me see what fits the bill…The De Vere Oulton Hall – would be sure to hit the right note, the only 5 star hotel in Yorkshire – sure to appeal -but Leeds a bit to close to home. The De Vere Slaley Hall – about the right distance, nice part of the world and excellent leisure, not sure about the food – maybe. Seaham Hall perhaps the best spa in the North East but again maybe not far enough away….In the end I offered a choice of 6 country house hotels that fit the bill, all within a couple of hours travel time, all with great leisure and most with rossetted restaurants.

Mrs Bouquet was pleased but didn’t book one, I’m having lunch with “my friend ***” tomorrow I’ll see if she has stayed at any of them. Ah ha thinks I, the reason for the call – Mrs Bouquet had no intention whatsoever of ever booking a break, all she  wanted was a list of the best hotel names to drop into conversation with her arch rival **** about where they may be planning to spend their weekends over the next few months.
Keeping up with appearances or in this case with the Joneses really still is “the thing to do” in certain circles and i was just so pleased to have contributed in such a small way…

If you have a Mrs Bouquet friend I’d love to hear about the lengths she goes to impress about her weekends plans – blog me back….