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Murder Mystery Mayhem


More Weekends offer a choice of over 130 Murder Mystery Breaks throughout the UK for those budding sleuths who want to combine a weekend hotel break with some excercise for the little grey cells. !!

Choose from breaks in Sanderstead, York, Leeds, Dorking, Stratford Upon Avon to name just some of the 50 different destinations available.

Got a Murder Mystery Weekend experience to share? More Weekends are looking for some amusing stories to share with Murder Mystery fans. To find out more click here

Murder Mystery Breaks in December


What better way to celebrate the festive period that making your xmas party theme, based on a Murder Mystery Weekend Break. After all most of us would like to murder our boss at some time or another !

Why not combine your xmas party and Murder Mystery Weekend Break with a visit to historic Stratford on Avon and do some Christmas shopping too, that is what Tony and his friends are going to do.

Two night Murder Mystery Breaks in Stratford on Avon are available on both Friday the 10th & Fri 17th December.



murder mystery package for hen party


My chum called me and asked if i was sat down !!  We’re making it legal she said.  I hazarded a guess adopting a pet ! I could hear the pursued lips down the phone – getting married ! I need you to sort out my hen party. I fancy doing a Murder Mystery thingy, with a budget of £150 and the remit of somewhere close to the M1 I soon came up with the New Bath Hotel at Matlock Bath, a bargain from only £89 per person.

more murder mystery weekends …who dunnit mayhem


Is the world mad or is it me I ask? the whodunnit, murder mystery gang are out in force at the mo , all looking fo rthe perfect crime to solve. I think it is taking over from Suduko !! Harrogate also seems to be the hottest place to go. if you have recently enjoyed a Themed Break, let me know what is was and where…

murder mystery in harrogate


I have a yearning to commit murder came the ominous tone over the airwaves…Hi Angie I ventured who are you wanting to commit Harri Kari to now!… The comment was greeted by an evil chuckle from my mad themed break crazy chum. You know how we like to do these Murder Mystery Breaks – well we fancied trying out the one you feature in Harrogate ..,it seemed appropriate with the Agatha Christie connection and all…

Delighted help I said- Harrogate is very popular it is at the St George Hotel on selected dates – when do you want to go? Do you have other equally dodgy murderous mates reply back and let me know their worst secrets.