hen party spa break


Cat called me today …desperate for help. I’ve been lumbered with organising my sisters pre-nuptial knees up weekend she stated breezily – what we need is something not too far from where we live , with a nice spa so we can have a few treatments and chill.

Money is tight ( you know how much weddings cost these days !) so nothing too over the top and ideally we would like to stay over if funds allow! Great I said happy to help – how about you stay on Sunday night then I can usually get a good deal on the room rates etc, which should make an overnight affordable, yes we’re pretty flexible -go for it she said….

How radical do your want for your treatments I said, thinking colonic irrigation and seaweed wraps! Sometimes weekends limit the range of treatments on offer. Nothing too bizarre said Cat , I think  facials. pedicures, massages etc will suffice.

De Vere Oulton Hall might be an option – nice 5* country house hotel – pretty accessible via m62 and De Vere  often do great offers at weekends. Seaham Hall again another obvious one to look at – one of the top spas in the UK, maybe a little too pricey.Aldwark Manor ,just north of York – another one definitely worth a conversation with and again likely to deal on a weekends night stay – especially a Sunday.

I am just about to hit the phones to see what I can sort out. Meanwhile -if you have some great experiences of girlie spa weekends or places you can recommend -do share them with me…



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