hotel room needed for bit on the side


My serial womaniser friend called me on a mission. You know how it is he said, I have to find a place to go with my latest conquest away from prying eyes. Why do you always go for the married ones I asked?  Safer he said no need for commitment.

I really do not want to know I said you are impossible! I presume I probably know her poor husband so I will just sort out a room and turn a blind eye, the less I know the better.

How much do we need to impress is this a first time push the boat out job or a cheap and cheerful no need to impress any more thing? The former he said I need a suite , champagne etc, you know the deal. How about Rudding Park Hotel, HarrogateThe De Vere Oulton Hall just outside Leeds or Wood Hall Hotel & Spa at Wetherby.

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