overnight stansted airport stopover before flight to the sun


My good friend Nikki rang very excited we are all going over to see my dad in Spain for a couple of weeks and you better sit down…. because I am actually going to fly!!

Now what you need to know is that Nikki has a real serious phobia of flying – not unusual in itself until you learn that Nikki is an ex Air Hostess who clocked up 100’s of thousands of miles around the world during her flying career.

Anyway …she said, I am looking for a hotel to stay over the night before we fly as it is an early morning flight from Stansted and we don’t want to be travelling through the night with the little one. Can you sort me out an Airport Stopover Hotel, as near to the airport as possible. I fixed her up with the SAS Radissson right on the terminal perfect for the family, so at least that is one part of the angst sorted – just the flight to man now!!

 Do you have any friends with wierd phobias I would like to know about the most unusual.

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