royal ascot racing break


My chum better known for her social standing and dare I say it her “B” list royal acquaintances most unusually asked for help. Now you know how  I always go to Ascot with Ursula she said…Mmm says I. Wee…l she paused for dramatic  effect to cut a long story short sweetie its all gone  wrong and I am now left high and dry without a ticket…Now I know you can pull strings daarling and I simply cannot miss one of the highlights of the social calendar…I have to be at Ladies Day. a few phone calls and grovelling promises of undying gratitude later I managed to secure the much sought after ticket. To be fair to my chum she was eternally grateful and I await the hamper from Fortnum’s with relish. Share with me your experiences of Ascot or other similar high profile events on the social calendar…it will be the nearest I ever get to going.

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