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fathers day gift – weekends activity break


Jules rang – now rather than the usual cigars and whisky i want to do something different for dad for Fathers Day! He is into guns and the paranormal – so either some kind of haunted thing or clay pigeon shooting would be good. I thought the three of us would make a break of it – Dad, ( obviously) my bro and me, ideally any of the weekends in July / August. Well says I Murder, Mystery weekends are still really popular and “Good Fun” or I can do Clay Pigeon Activity Breaks – in a range of places. Why not do the Edinburgh/ Perthshire Activity Break and then you can combine it with some time in Edinburgh – perfect said Jules see what you can do. If you have some great ideas for something different for Fathers Day then reply back I would love to hear them

british grand prix racing weekend


The lads have decided to go to the grand Prix at Silverstone said Sally and I thought of you… It is taking place on the weekend of the 4-6th July, I can get tickets for the Grand Prix but they need somewhere to stay close by – they are too old for roughing it in a tent. Have you any idea how hard this is going to be I murmured weakly – accommodation is booked up  a year in advance there will be nowhere close by trust me!

If you have any hints and tips where to stay for the next Grand Prix do let me know- reply back…